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Editorial: The development of an dance art form

The Development of an Dance Art Form

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The Foundational order of development was. There were three eras of development
1 Social Party Locking
2 Commercial Performance , Professional choreograph Act of Locking
3 The Battle / from competition

The problem in today’s development of order is that it was originally developed and evolved in a different order , setting its foundation differently , That order is now constantly changing , with various students arguing over the right of which order

1 commercial Performance Locking dominated this position for a long time , setting the foundation at what was seen in the performance videos of Television & movies , setting its Locking foundation with that of the Lockers professional Group .

2 from that The battle of the Hiphop era influenced the style created by the Performance & you had the clash of the act or show vs the Hiphop battle mode of Locking, creating an unfavorable clownish dress & style , which again was not foundational because it eliminated the effect of the very first element Social Party, which had social political roots  .. and it failed to recognized its roots on competition, which evolved from cut ups and turn outs from the social party era

3 ) This caused Social Party to became number 3 in today’s Locking development & many students are learning it last instead of first in their development

Have you notice , that the style & flavor of Locking adjust to the circumstance you are locking in ? That is part of the evolution , Now I’m not talking about people claiming they or their crew ” CREATED ” a styles, because you cannot create correctly until you can adjust to the three fundamental variations , and the good Lockers can. And then there are those that try to adjust what they do into all circumstances. They party when they should be in competition Battle mold. or they are performing when they have a partner they should be sharing the social party style with. All of the styles have a little of the other two. the key to a good locker is to know how much and when its fits into the scene they are in.

The first is the ORIGINAL and it set the foundation for the other two , that is Social Party Locking , inspired by social party (Funk & Soul ) music , social party Dances from the 1960,s /70s, Gestures , from African American history, Floor work inspired by James Brown , and the freedom creativity done on top of this foundation set by Don Campbell these things combine Don Campbells flavor & his creation of the Locks to create Locking as a social party dance style to be done in parties & clubs

The second is the performance