Educate before you Recreate

Go Backtorsdag 30 mars 2023


Is term “ CREATOR” a accurate  term ?

“The finding and posting of old videos with mimes , clowns , actors and others doing similar moves within their craft as done within streetdance art forms DOES NOT diminish the creation of the move as it was inspired to be felt within the parties , music and movement of street dance..

everything was inspired from something.

Don Campbell was not the first to point, flap his arms, ask for five, but he innovated those moves within his style , they were inspired moves.

Jimmy Scooby doo was not the first to do a kick ball chain step! but within locking it became “ The Scooby doo” And I was not the first to do shuffle steps. Within the street game of “hopscotch” it was still a game step , However shuffle steps within locking and to the rhythm of a social party became the “skeeterrabbit”.

We were the first to combine these into the social party scene that became part of the foundation of an evolving streetdance. Much of what you saw Michael Jackson do on stage was inspired by what he saw others in the street culture do , he did not create ! He did not create the moonwalk it was the backslide in the 1940s tap industry and to further that he had actual teachers like Jeffery Daniel from the LA Club and soul train scene actually tutored and taught him much of what you saw him do. Allowing him to evolve it in his own style, as an innovator and it continued evolving into a popping move called the glide from the earlier two inspirations.

Robotics of imitating a mechanical man or puppet has been done by mimes in European puppet shows to the corners of cities for centuries , but mimes were NOT dancers , they were not inspired by Social conscious funk & soul music. They did not go out on dance floors and party, they did not groove to funk music , they did not dance as a lead and respond party couples ,cultivating and expressing the music There was an innovator that first did that ( Charles Robot) and what him and his dance partner ( Robot Ann) did was inspired robotics into an actual DANCE style , called “ The Robot” later it was referred to as “ The Funky Robot” The dance along with street mime entertainment mechanical robotics continued to evolve. From that inspiration evolved various forms of “ Popping” inspired from both Northern & Southern California communities

Nothing is created in a bubble everything has an inspiration.

I call Creators within streetdance INOVATORS, The creators were the streets and communities Those who embraced the moves as dance are the true CREATORS of the styles as they evolved into cultural dance art forms